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Pronouns: she/they

Lorea is a Spanish/British interdisciplinary artist working with dance, choreography, sound, and drawing. Their practice prioritizes desire and curiosity over virtuosity and skill, drawing inspiration from DIY culture, rhythm, labor, and technofeminism.


They are a member of the collective                                                   (est. 2015) with Hannah Parsons (UK) and most recently joined by Josefina Rozenwasser (AR/ES), creating experimental and immersive sound-dance shows. Together they have created 3 full length works and toured across the UK and Spain: Part 1&2 (2016), TRACKS (2019) and RITUAL (2022). Their work has been supported by Attenborough Arts Centre, Dance4, The Place, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Tetrad, TDP, 4bid, TripSpace, Yorkshire Dance and SET.  Unbaptised Infants were artists in residence at MACBA and La Casa Encendida in Spain 2021-2022..


Lorea has performed in a wide range of spaces including underground venues, galleries, outdoor nature landscapes and high profile performance venues across the UK and internationally. 

Resident artist at Centre Azkuna (Bilbao, ES) within Babestu'24. Developing research project Sonic Fielding.

Artist cohort for the first edition of The Rose Choreographic School with Sadlers Wells 2024-2026.


Marina Abramović: Re-performer for retrospective exhibition performing Imponderabilia, Luminosity and Nude with Skeleton, RA, London.

B Field: creation and premiere of my first solo project, Teatro do Bairro Alto, Lisbon.

Estrellx Supernova: performer in Animate Intimate (AI), Culturgest, Lisbon.
Bobby Brim: co-creation and performer in The Infrastructure of Cavities, Teatro do Bairro Alto, Lisbon.

Connor Scott: performer in POOF, Culturgest, Lisbon.

Marcelo Evelin: performer in Batucada at Festival Transborda, Lisbon.



Joe Garbett Dance: performer in Doubles, UK summer 2022 tour.

Unbaptised Infants: Selected as resident artists at MACBA (Spain) and La Casa Encendida (Spain), and recipients of the Dantzan Bilaka and Sortutakoak18 funds, for the creation of RITUAL. Creation in Spain throughout 2021. Premiered in Artium Museum for Contemporary Art in October 2021. Developed with sound designer Josefina Rozenwasser, and premiered as a full length work in May 2022 at La Casa Encendida (Madrid).



Marina Abramovic & Tin Drum: exhibition facilitator for The Life, an AR experience at Christies London.

Kitty Voget: creation and performance of The blood has made its exit, a dance film set in a river in Wales..

Ehryn Torrell: performance research for Polyphonic Looks with visual artist Ehryn Torrel, in collaboration with  dance artists Henrietta Hale, Eve Stainton, Lorea Burge and Beth MacInnes. 



J Neve Harington: performer in Screensaver Series,  at the Welcome Collection.
Laura Wilson: creation and performance of Deep, Deepen, Deepening, a New Geographies commission in Peterborough.

Joe Garbett Dance: (from 2018) creation and performance of Doubles, a family friendly pop-up show merging ping pong and dance. Summer UK Rural touring and China, Shanghai International Ping Pong Festival.

Unbaptised Infants: creation and performance of TRACKS, at SET Bermondsey and Tripspace.

Roadhouse #1: improvised performance event at Chisenhale Dance Space with Stephanie McMann, Eleanor Sikorski, Lewys Holt and Hannah Parsons.


Josiah McElheny: performer in Interactions of the abstract body, a durational performance activating the artists sculptures. Hayward Gallery, Space Shifters exhibition.

Elinor Lewis: R&D for Orchard 4. Choreodrome, The Place.



Jenny Hill: (2016-2017) R&D for Moving and Being and performance at Roehampton.

Joe Garbett Dance: performer in No-Company. Swallowsfeet Festival, Brighton.

Bertrand Guerry and Thibaut Ras: performer in All We Can Do Is Dance. Video Project, presented in international film festivals.

Candida Powell-Williams: performer in The Vernacular History of the Golden Rhubarb. Bosse and Baum Gallery & Cache at London Art Night.

Sadler's Wells Sampled Festival: performer in Interactive A-Z of Dance in front of house areas.



In collaboration with Joel O'Donoghue: creation and performance of Sibs. Trip The Light, TripSpace.
Sasha Pirogova: performer in Cabaret Kultura with V.A.C. Whitechapel Gallery.
Charles Linehan Company: creation and performance of A Quarter Plus Green. Brighton International Festival.

Seke Chimutengwende: R&D for Mass, Material & Disturbance.
Unbaptised Infants: creation and tour of Part 1 &2.



Joy Haynes: performer in Dot, Squiggle and Rest (Dep). For children ages 2 to 5 at the Polka Theatre.
Seke Chimutengwende: creation and performance of King Arthur. The Yard Theatre.



Teaching: Lorea has taught a variety of groups and ages in various settings, from open workshops at festivals (Brainchild Festival) to pro-training (TripSpace 2018).

Arts facilitator/team member at The 240 Project, since 2023: An arts and health activity centre for those affected by homelessness and exclusion

Freelance life model since 2018.


Freelance Project Coordinator for Crying Out Loud  2016-2018



PACAP6 choreography research programme  curated by Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz at Forum Dança (Lisbon, 2023).

First Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Dance at TrinityLaban Conservatoire (2011-2014).


Babestu fellowship - Centro Azkuna (Spain) for 2024.

La Casa Encendida & MACBA - resident artist 2021-2022.

Dantzan Bilaka 2021.

Sortutakoak 18 - Dantzagunea 2021.

Scholarship for dance studies from Deputation of Vizcaya (Spain) 2012 & 2013.

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