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Premiered at Teatro do Bairro Alto, Lisbon, 2023

Choreography, performance and costume by Lorea Burge

Sound design in collaboration with Bobby Brim

Space and light design in collaboration with Mariana Catalina Iris

If I were a musician, what sort of music would I like to make? With what I have, what sort of music can i make?

B Field brings these questions to an enquiry into solo making, led by desire and inspired by the absurd and insistent masc self-sufficiency of ‘one-man bands’. A live excavation of sounds and beats reveals an attempt to build a song worthy of a night-club dance floor, thus creating my very own ‘one-(wo)man band’.

'(…) One of the strengths of this work that asserts itself as a "kind of love letter to do-it-yourself" is its minimalist concentration - just a performer moving to produce sounds and producing sounds to move. Lorea tries and fails, tries better, fails better, confides her choices and failures, throws sudden questions at the audience, uses her very presence in that space the way a gymnast uses their equipment to break records. She gives us the feeling of being exactly where she wanted to be, without disguise or excuse, with the contagious confidence of an emerging pop star.' - Alex Cassal (director, author and dramaturg)


Developed within PACAP 6 – Performing Arts Advanced Programme, curated by Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz and promoted by Forum Dança.

Images by Joana Linda


By Unbaptised Infants (Lorea Burge, Hannah Parsons & Josefina Rozenwasser), 2021-2022.


RITUAL is an immersive sonic dance performance, and a ritual for letting go.

A simple and powerful performance work utilising repeated actions of primitive expressions of the body. Embodied reenactments of grief, joy and exaltation are rhythmically crafted to entice and hypnotise the audience. Using sand filled bras that spill from the nipples, the performers cast a circle encasing the intimate audience for the ritual to take place. Through telepathic powers and spells, the performers release their audience from their offerings, generating a new sense of revival and catharsis.


Designed to be performed in the round for two simultaneous audiences: one participatory audience of 8 people, placed in an intimate circle where the ritual takes place; The other, spectator audience, surrounds the space in an outer ring.

Supported by DantzanBilaka, Sortutakoak18, ADDE, Artium, MACBA and La Casa Encendida.

Images by Queer Garden and Yone Estibariz


By Unbaptised Infants (Lorea Burge and Hannah Parsons), 2019.

TRACKS is a concept album of songs, dances and poems. Part-ritual, part-gig, part-dance show, audiences are welcomed into this odd universe in a temporary incubation of collective grief, celebration and discombobulation. Together we expel our internal chaos through rhythm, harmony and not-quite-harmony, re-ordering it into something that feels more or less coherent

"Every now and then a performance comes along that stands out for its originality and integrity; the choreographic and musical material formed into TRACKS by Lorea Burge and Hannah Parsons of Unbaptised Infants, is one." 

- Nicholas Minns, Writing About Dance. Full review here.

Supported by SET Studios and TripSpace.

Images by Tom Elkins


PART 1&2

By Unbaptised Infants, 2015-2016

A duet in two parts, Part 1&2 is an ode to being confused. Poetry, not-poetry, and rhythmic dancing will attempt to find meaning to life. Taking ownership of the unknown, there is nothing here to be understood. However, if you have any revelations, please let us know. 

"Unbaptised Infants feels random, goofy, low-key and loopy - and turns out to be very deeply considered. [...] The piece is as disarming as it is engaging, and the second it's over, you want to watch it again, to figure out how it works with hindsight." - Sanjoy Roy, The Dancing Times, March 2016 edition.


Part 1 was created for Resolution Festival at The Place, 2016, with residency support from 4bid gallery (Amsterdam) and Longfield Hall (London). It was selected by Sanjoy Roy as one of his stand out pieces of the festival. It was subsequently presented across the UK at TripSpace, Attenborough Arts Centre, Swallowsfeet Festival, Screwed festival, and Festival 10 Sentidos (Spain).

Part 2 was created with residency support from Dance 4, West Yorkshire Playhouse, TDP (Ireland), and Attenborough Arts Centre (Leicester). It was presented alongside Part 1 at Attenborough Arts Centre and Screwed Festival. 


By Lorea Burge, with a group BA3 and MA students of Roehampton University in April 2022.

Performed by: Deimante Butkute, Aimee Louise Colohan, Katie Marie  Hawkesworth, Feng Geoffery Pan, Wang Warren Song, Xinmin Cynthia Wang, Lauryn Pinnard

Inspired by sirens. 

An exploration of rhythm, internal and imposed, and navigating collectivity. This was a week long research project resulting in a 10minute performance intervention.

Commissioned by Roehampton University.



By Lorea Burge and Joel O'Donoghue, 2016.

Composer: Ben Grant

Joel and Lorea worked together as front of house staff members at Sadler's Wells for 3 years. When working with one another they are often mistaken to be brother and sister. Sibs is the first performance project they have embarked on together. The work is an ongoing investigation into how to create a dance piece with no initial idea or stimulus. Together they have created a series of short sketches about elbows, copying, bad dancing, and creaky chairs. Sibs is Joel and Lorea's own take on theatre of the absurd. 


Artists Thibaut Ras and Marie Pons asked Joel and Lorea to contribute to their European film project All We Can do Is Dance. Watch our contribution 

Supported by: The Place, Tripspace and All We Can Do Is Dance. 


By Lorea Burge, 2014

Live music by Mark Mollison

An exploration into the feeling of being lost, with no direction in life. A place of limbo. Floating.


1. To rest or remain on the surface of a liquid.

2. Located out of the normal position.

3. Not presently committed or invested.

4. Buoyed on or in a fluid.


Made during a two week residency at Longfield Hall, and presented as part of an evening of works with Backspace Collective.

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